Custom Blend Salmon Concealer

Salmon Concealer

Salmon Concealer

Salmon custom blend concealer is made using the finest Motives Cosmetics which come from the same distributors as M.A.C., Nars, Bobby Brown & other well know cosmetic brands. Motives Cosmetics is the only company in the United States that offers Custom Blend Cosmetics. This is a service you can not find anywhere else! This is why we love Motives & why we carry it in our Beauty Bar.

Salmon concealer is used to take out darkness from the skin to even out your skin tone. This is a great cover all concealer. It is great for darker pigmented areas, under eye circles and age spots. It can also be used to cover tattoos.

We custom make every concealer to order to fit your specific needs, skin type & skin tone. Just choose your skin tone and preferred coverage and we will customize your Salmon Concealer just the way you like it.

Customized to your Skin Tone:
~Light -Fair skin tone
~Medium -Olive or slightly sun kissed skin tone
~Dark -African American skin tone

Customized to your preferred Coverage:
~Light -This is for people who don’t wear makeup normally but just need to cover up some imperfections/problem areas. This is going to be a thinner consistency.
~Medium -This is for people who want more coverage for their problem areas
~Full -This is for everyday makeup users who need full coverage and want a thicker consistency to their concealer.

Motives custom blend cosmetics are:
*Completely customizable liquid & powder mineral based cosmetics infused with soothing botanicals
*Suitable for all skin types & skin tones
*Fragrance Free
*Micro-pulverized powders
*Highly pigmented

Call Us to Order: 475-422-9140

Salmon Concealer Covers Tattoos


Interested in offering Motives Cosmetics to your clients, friends or family? Contact us at to find out how you can become a Motives Beauty Advisor and start generating income doing something you love!

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