Sunless Tan Prep


We can not stress enough how important it is to follow your pre care instructions to ensure an even long lasting sunless tan! For the best results please follow the prep instructions below…

~Keep hydrated! Dehydrated skin will not absorb the tan and will affect your results. So drink lots of water so your tan develops deeper and lasts longer. Drinking alcohol will dehydrate you and effect the development of your airbrush tan.

~Manicures & Pedicures should be done before your airbrush tan because you can not wet your skin at least 6 – 8 hours after your airbrush tanning application. Make sure your nail technician does not put any lotion or oil on your skin if you decide to get your mani pedi on the day you’re getting your airbrush tan done.

~All waxing & shaving should be done 24hrs prior to your appointment to ensure even development of your tan. If you need to shave the days after you get your airbrush tan I suggest to use hair conditioner for a smoother shave and press lightly on the razor so you are not shaving off your tan.

~Do not apply deodorant, perfume or oils on the day of your appointment.

~Your skin should be fully exfoliated to get rid of any dead skin & excess oil 24 hours before your appointment. You should focus on drier areas such as elbows, hands, feet & knees. Proper exfoliation is the key step to a perfect long lasting and even sunless tan. The exfoliator we suggest is the Seacret Salt Scrub. Order Online

~Keep your skin moisturized with a water based moisturizer up to 2 hours before airbrush tanning session. We suggest Cetaphil.

~We carry pH Balancing Shower Cleanser and water based moisturizers in salon specially designed for sunless tanning that will ensure proper and even development of your airbrush tan.

~You should shower the day before your airbrush tanning appointment to wash off any oil & dirt so the solution absorbs deeply (DO NOT USE DOVE SOAP OR AVEENO).

~DO NOT put on any oil based lotion, perfume, deodorant, make-up or anything that could possibly clog your pores because this will prevent the airbrush solution from penetrating as deeply & lasting as long.

~You must stay completely dry for at least 6-8hrs after your airbrush tanning session in order to ensure that your tan develops evenly & fully. This includes no: SHOWERING, EXERCISING, SWEATING, SWIMMING, EXT.

~Wear dark loose fitting clothing at the time of your appointment (wool, nylon & silk are not recommended to wear for your appointment). Try not to wear any tight leggings or skinny jeans to your appointment.

~During your sunless session you can wear whatever you feel confortable just keep in mind that whatever you do wear, those are the tan lines you are going to have. The FDA reccomends that you wear undergarments during your airbrush tanning session to provent any solution from entering your body.

~The sunless solution washes out of everything except nylon & silk.

wash glove

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