Custom Blend Foundation

13267_1088217704525480_4944357236000463418_n7919940_origCustom Blend Foundation

The best development in foundation! Custom Blend Cosmetics are customized to your skin tone and skin type. I have never personally liked any liquid foundations that I have tried. Either the color wasn’t right and it looked caked on or my face would look too greasy. Then I had a custom blend liquid foundation made for me by a certified Motives Cosmetics Trainer and my life changed! Not only did the foundation match my skin perfectly but it felt like I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all! The real test was hours later when I looked in the mirror and my face was still matte and had not developed any shine throughout the day. I was amazed and so excited to share this product with my clients, friends & family.

When you make an appointment to have a custom blend foundation made you will choose from either having a Liquid Foundation or Mineral Powder Foundation customized for you. Once you have chosen which one you’d prefer you come in for your consultation and the fun begins! I make your foundation right in front of you.


Steps to customization:

1) Choose your shade! We match a base to your skin tone so there is a seamless match.

2) Once your base color is matched we work on your coverage. Custom foundations can be made sheer for more of a tinted moisturizer, medium coverage or full coverage.

3) We can add additional sunscreen to your foundation if needed. Liquid foundations comes with 6 SPF & mineral powder foundation comes with 23 SPF. So if you’d like to have more sun protections we can add it.

4) If you want a matte or dewy finish to your foundation we can adjust it to your preference. Mattifier controls oil and gives foundation a powder finish. Pearl gives you a dewy finish with a slight shimmer.

5) Toners are added to your foundation to even out skin tone and skin pigment. For example, we will add yellow toner if we need to cancel any pink undertones in your skin. Or if you have redness you want to cancel out we can add green toner. We will look at the undertones in your skin to add all the correct color toners for your skin tone.

6) Once all the toners that are needed are added we add the good stuff. If you have dry skin we can add a Hydrator that helps restore hydration & deliver water to the skin. If you have oily skin we have an Oil Control that contains cucumber extract, lemongrass & horsetail extract to purify & calm the skin. Our favorite additive is the Ultra Firming Botanical Additive which  provides an immediate firming and tightening “flash” effect that will last throughout the day. The soy protein also softens & smoothes skin giving it a more radiant appearance.

7) The last thing added to the foundation is the Fringe Benefit. Fringe Benefit locks in moisture, smoothes & support skin texture. It plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines & restore radiance for healthier looking skin. Fringe Benefit also helps the foundation glide over any skin imperfections.

Once all the ingredients are added we mix it and then apply it to your face to see the finished product. We pour the mixed foundation into a 1oz glass bottle for you to take home & enjoy! This entire process takes 15-20 minutes. We write down your formula for easy refilling. Once you’ve used all your foundation just call us and we can find your formula remake your foundation and either you can come in to pick it up or we can ship it out to your location. The foundation is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! This 1oz bottle should last you 4-6 months.

It is suggested to use a foundation brush to apply your foundation. Applying foundation with your hands will add oil to your face and even bacteria. We carry powder & liquid foundation brushes here you can purchase or take a look at during your consultation if you do no have a foundation brush at home.


Motives custom blend cosmetics are:
*Completely customizable liquid & powder mineral based cosmetics infused with soothing botanicals
*Suitable for all skin types & skin tones
*Fragrance Free
*Micro-pulverized powders
*Highly pigmented

Custom Blend Liquid Foundation $55

Custom Blend Mineral Powder Foundation $45

Custom Blend Concealers $35

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