Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers-Day-ImageMother’s Day is always the hardest when it comes to gift giving. How many massage gift cards, manicures & flowers can a Mom get before she is sick of the same gifts year after year?! Well we have made a little gift giving guide for some things that Mom needs but never gets. Our Seacret Skin Care line has come up with some pre made gift sets with great mother’s day packaging (see below). It makes it easy for those of you who are clueless about skin care. This is another way Mom can feel pampered. Her skin will feel and look great!

  1. My Role Model Seacret Gift Set – Help your Role Model look and feel her best with our Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover, Facial Cleansing Milk, and the amazing Mineral-Rich Refining Toner!5658
  2. My Best Friend Seacret Gift Set – Best Friends look out for each other! Our Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover, REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer, and Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, will surely make Mom feel rejuvenated!5654
  3. My Super Mom Seacret Gift Set – Even Super Moms need help from time to time. The Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover, recover Day Masque, and RESTORE Face Serum, will boost her skin’s natural powers!5656
  4. My Biggest Fan Seacret Gift Set – Your Biggest Fan must have the best gifts! Surprise mom with the Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover, REGAIN Eye Cream, and REVIVE Eye Serum, and she’ll feel her inner beauty!5652
  5. Seacret Nail Care Kit – Bring the power of professional nail care to your fingertips, and pamper your nails without the use of unnatural chemicals or harsh agents. This comprehensive set includes Body Lotion, Cuticle Oil, Nail File, and our multi-purpose, world famous Buffing Block.1218
  6. Make your own Bundle Set – Create a custom bundle skin care gift set that fits your budget. 1820
  7. Sun Kissed Glow Gift Certificate – Get a gift certificate for any of our Beauty Bar services. Mom can come in for an Organic Airbrush Tan, Teeth Whitening, Eyelash Extensions, Custom Blend Foundation, Mini Mud Mask Facial, makeup application or any of our other services. Gift Card from Sun Kissed Glow

Mother's Day

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