World’s First Self Tanning Bronzer!


Vita Liberata

Trystal Minerals

Worlds ever first self tanning bronzer! Trystal3 technology combines and instant pure mineral bronze color with long lasting self tan results for a beautiful, natural-looking medium tan that lasts for days. The innovative formula is a world-first self tanning bronzer. Oil – free with micronised crystals for sheer, light weight bronzing coverage and added DHA for a lasting tan result, this unique bronzing powder will leave you with soft, smooth, healthy looking skin. KABUKI BRUSH INCLUDED ($55 value for brush alone)!

Apply over moisturiser or liquid foundation. Using a kabuki brush, blend the mineral powder onto the face, neck and décolleté in circular movements. Use more around the cheekbones to achieve a contouring effect. The developed tan will last up to 5 days.

The Sun Kissed Glow Product Review

I love the idea of this product and having a bronzer that leaves your skin with a golden sun kissed glow even after you have washed your face. I was very excited when Vita Liberata announced the launch of this product. It was released in Europe first then in the US. I patiently waited 6 months for its arrival to the US and I am happy to say that I finally have it in stock!!

I currently have tried the Bronze color which is the darkest color it comes in. For the first time trying it one of the tips that I have is for you to start with a little on kabuki brush and build the product on your face slowly. I applied way too much to my brush the first time and it was too dark for my fair skin tone. Another piece of advice I have gotten from my sales rep at Vita Liberata is to make sure you have either moisturizer and/or liquid foundation on your face prior to applying the trystal minerals. The minerals use these liquid based products to activate and tan your skin ask you are wearing it. All and all we love this product. It is a great summer must have to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing all season long.

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