The journey to a healthier me!


My Story

Throughout high school and college I was never super skinny. I was healthily thin and fit. I looked great and felt great. I was confident, out going and a social butterfly. After college I took a desk job in a corporate office where I spent 8 hours of my day sitting in front of a computer monitor. A year after college my doctor noticed that my heart beat was irregular. After a few tests they had discovered that my right ventricle valve was beating an extra 100,000 heart beats a day due to abnormal cells that had developed! That meant that my heart was beating double of the amount that a normal heart beats a day. Due to the energy my body was exerting in order to beat my heart at 2 times the normal rate I was literally falling asleep at my desk during the day and in bed by 8pm every night!

The lack of energy plus the fact I was sitting all day and sleeping all night was not the best scenario for keeping a slim figure. My body was using all its energy to beat my heart and no energy to keep me awake or active in order to burn calories. I was prescribed beta blockers to help stop the extra heart beats but after a few months that no longer worked so I had to get an ablation done on my heart at New York Presbyterian Hospital. I was awake for the entire 5 hour procedure where they had to go in with catheters through my groin and cauterize the abnormal cells in my heart and this was the most painful experience of my life. I could feel them burning me from the inside.

In about one year I put on about 30 pounds. I went from 140 pounds to 170 pounds and I thought my life was over! I tried to watch what I ate, but it was so hard working in an office with not many lunch options around and a vending machine conveniently located in the lunch room next to my office. There was a Duchess Fast Food Restaurant or a Subway and those were my two options unless I was feeling daring and snuck in 15 extra lunch minutes to drive some where with better options. But then I’d risk being scolded for taking extra time at lunch. Another year passed and an additional 15 pounds came with it!

I was now 185 pounds and the weight was coming on faster than I could take it off! No matter how much I exercised, how little I ate or which diet I was trying that month I just couldn’t keep the weight off. I would loose 10 pounds then gain 20 and it was just this yo-yoing effect from month to month.

I was having an irregular menstrual cycle so I decided to go see a specialist at Cornell Hospital in New York City. There I was then diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This condition makes it extremely hard to loose weight. Weight gain is a very common effect of PCOS. So now I was not only diagnosed with a condition that causes weight gain but also makes it very difficult for your body to loose any weight. Over 50% of woman with this PCOS also get diabetes.

For the past 5 years I have struggled with my weight and I have decided to make a life style change so I can stop struggling and start living. I want to be that confident & comfortable woman again!


The Plan

I have decided to make my life style change starting with TLS Weight Loss Solution and here is why:

1) TLS Weight Loss Solution is not a quick fix or miracle pill that is temporarily going to make you loose weight fast then once you’re on you’re own you gain it all back.

2) TLS Weight Loss Solution is an aid to help jump start your new life style change and contribute to help you loose weight while you are learning how to eat healthier and make smarter meal time options.

3) There are TLS coaches that help you with any questions you may have and give you different suggestions on what foods and supplements are right for you.

4)There is a deliver services to have meals delivered to you and also vanilla and chocolate shakes that you can make and bring if you are on the go!

5) TLS teaches you how you should be eating and what foods you should be choosing that will help you loose weight and keep it off.

6) TLS is a Low Glycemic plan that is great for those with diabetes, pre diabetes or those who have diabetes in their families.

7) This program not only tells what better meal options you should be choosing but they tell you why. This is very important because the more knowledgeable you are about why eating what you are is helping you loose weight and keep it off the more likely you are to succeed.

8) The TLS Weight Management System is not all you get! You also get great Isotonix, the world’s most advanced nutraceuticals. In conjunction with my TLS system I am also taking the Isotonix Isochrome that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, increases energy and stamina, supports healthy insulin activity, increases energy & stamina and helps with weight management. I am also taking Isotonix Digestive Enzymes to help transform food into energy. It also provides enzymes and good bacteria for digestive tract and supports nutrient absorptions.

9) The TLS website has a FREE Weight Loss Profile you can take to see where you are at and what products are suggested for you based on the answers you provide. This makes it more effective because the results are customized to your specific weight loss needs.


The Results

I have just stared my journey but will check in along the way to share my results and share my struggles along the way! Follow my journey as I post daily on Instagram @TLSLife

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