The Beauty of Essential Oils

Over the past few months essential oils have become a central part of my life! I knew that they smelled good but I never knew they were so much more. I have become obsessed to learning more & incorporating essential oils into my daily life routine.

I think the pivotal point in my essential oils journey was when I was at a class & the wellness advocate said, “The average person comes in contact with about 500 chemicals even before leaving the house in the morning.” Now sit back and let that soak in! 500 chemicals!! At that moment I started back tracking my movements what I did that morning. From waking up, peeing & wiping with toilet paper, washing my hands with a generic hand wash, mouthwash, tooth paste, tooth brush, floss, face wash, toweling dry (soap from laundry detergent & drier sheet residue still in the fabrics of my towel), shower, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel, shaving razor with “moisture strip”, body scrub, deodorant, face lotion, body lotion, makeup, hair gel, hair spray, air freshener (plugged in all day everyday), and the list goes on. Each one of those products we come in contact with doesn’t have one chemical ingredient listed but some as many as 20 or more!

So I made the stand to switch out as much as I could slowly to start living a more natural “chemical free” lifestyle. I think it may be nearly impossible to be completely chemical free with everything out there in the world but why not change the things I can so that 500+ can be more like 50.

The first thing I did was order a starter kit that had a variety of top selling oils & a diffuser. The first night I received my package I popped open my diffuser filled it with some Lavender, Frankincese & Wild Orange. Not only did I have the best night sleep ever but my bedroom smelled heavenly!

Two days later my fiancĂ© had developed a sever case of poison ivy. Yes, there is an oil for that! I hopped on the internet & looked up an essential oil poison ivy remedy, whipped up a batch in a mister bottle & for 4 nights straight I sprayed the essential oils on my fiancĂ© & by the 5th day he was healing and so much better! He normally has to go to the emergency clinic and get a shot he’s so allergic but no need because my essential oils came to the rescue!

After seeing for myself the healing powers of essential oils I became obsessed! I wanted every oil and I started looking up every problem I had to find a recipe to naturally treat myself. I have officially become that crazy oil lady! There is so much to learn & that is why I have decided to start an Essential Oil Blending Bar facebook group & have decided to start posting about it to share with everyone my essential oil journey what things I’ve tried and how they have changed my life. So stay tuned!

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