Smile & Glow

There is nothing better than a bright smile & glowing skin! To us they go hand in hand! When clients ask about our services and products at Sun Kissed Glow they are sometimes surprised by the variety of unique beauty services & products we offer. To us a white smile & tan skin complement each other so well why not have them available at one location?! Better yet why not offer a Smile & Glow Beauty Bundle!?

I believe our philosophy 8 years ago was right on point! Now hundreds of sunless tanning studios across the country have complemented their spray tanning services with teeth whitening, offering their clients a one stop beauty shop.

Need to know more? Well let me explain how our teeth whitening process works and what you can expect.

1》 If you are prone to tooth sensitivity, brush your teeth with Sensidine for 2 weeks prior to whitening your teeth.

2》 If you are coming in for a Smile & Glow package always whiten your teeth prior to getting your sunless tan as drooling my occur (yes I just said drooling) & we don’t want you to ruin your tan!

3》 Teeth Whitening is a self administered treatment. Sun Kissed Glow is not a dentist office. Although all of our teeth whitening technicians are Beaming White certified, we are not licensed Doctors, we can not touch your mouth or teeth. We are there for moral support and to guide you through the process.

4》 We will have you measure your teeth prior to whitening to see how white your teeth get. You can do up to 3 fifteen minute treatments consecutively depending on how white you’d like your teeth to get. After each 15 minute segment we will take a break to see how much stain extraction has occurred. Some clients can get up to 8 shades whiter with 3 consecutive treatments.

5》 After we get your before shade we will have you wipe down your teeth with a special finger swab provided in your kit.

6》 Once your teeth are clean you will place the lip extractor in your mouth. Have you ever played the “Speak Out” board game? Well if you have, we use they same type of mouth piece they use for that board game as your teeth whitening lip extractor. This lip extractor holds your mouth open white your teeth whiten under the LED light.

7》 After you’ve placed your lip extractor in its time for the whitening gel. The hydrogen based whitening gel is given to you to apply on the exposed surface of your teeth. Get a nice thick globby layer on there!

8》 After you apply the gel, you get a cool pair of orange sunglasses and you recline in our special chair as your teeth whitening technician sets up your LED light which activates the gel.

9》 Your first 15 minutes is mostly opening up the pores in the teeth which is why we always suggest doing at least 2 back to back 15 minute sessions for deep stain extraction.

10》 Once we are done with your sessions we will remeausre your teeth on our white scale & see how white your teeth have gotten. Results are immediate!

11》 Lastly we will give you some vitamin E that should be applied to your lips & gums.

Now once your treatment is over you must follow a few simple steps for the next 24-48 hrs to help ensure you don’t restain your teeth while the pores are dialated.

1} No eating or drinking anything but water for 1 hr after treatment so make sure to eat before you come.

2} On our website we have listed the White Diet which has all foods to avoid & that are approved for the next 2 days.

3} Try to stay away from super cold or hot foods for 24-48 hrs. Stick to room temperature.

Now you’re ready for your Smile & Glow Beauty Bundle!

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